Reaching the right people at the right place and at the right time.

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Media Strategy and Planning

With data and analytics in our DNA, we craft effective plans across markets, channels and audiences to ensure the most efficient use of your media spend.

We deliver;

  • Effective strategies across campaigns, whether for driving awareness, engagement or performance
  • Strategic frameworks incorporating data and insights at each stage
  • Efficient media plans to deliver against your KPIs
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Audience Behaviour and Market Insights

Access global research and survey data as well as media partner and industry insights to profile your target audience, their habits, attitudes, and most importantly, media or channel consumption to refine your marketing approaches. Then do this across all your markets.
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Data-Driven Activation

Our Media team work closely with our Data counterparts so that every campaign is built on the most robust data possible, and targeted accurately. We do this across a variety of sources and tech integrations using off-the-shelf or custom solutions to drive performance.

We activate campaigns using;

  • Advertisers-owned and first party data
  • Declared information available via publishers, vendors or data partners
  • Inferred data through user behaviour online

Programmatic Media Buying

With the increase in devices connected to the internet, in addition to Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology and access to 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, we activate media campaigns efficiently across channels and reach audiences at every stage of the consumer journey. We are agnostic in the DSP platforms we use to deliver results for your brand. Your dollar always goes to the most relevant screen, at the most opportune time.

We target audiences with the right messages across channels, including;

  • Online Display
  • Online Video
  • Native
  • Audio / Podcasts
  • Connected TV (CTV)
  • DOOH
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Paid Search / SEM Excellence

Our qualified search professionals combine keyword and search data to deliver effectiveness from SEM campaigns. We adopt a detailed framework for SEM covering all key areas that impact results for advertisers.

We are;

  • Google Ad Partners
  • Qualified in running campaigns across search engines, markets and languages
  • Focused on data and insights to ensure performance delivery
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Social Media Engagement

We can help you reach targeted audiences and consumers at scale through social media ad platforms. From campaign activation, social content development, and organic post boosting, to advising on content calendars, and A/B testing, we offer a host of solutions to get the most from social platforms.

We deliver awareness, engagement and performance across social platforms, including;

  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • and any new, emerging, and local platforms.

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