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The future is GA4

Google has announced that after 1 July 2023, Universal Analytics, used by 52.9% of the web, will no longer process the new data, and GA4 will take over as the default and the only option to continue using Google Analytics. If your company would like to remain and function in the Google universe (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Console, Optimize, etc.) beyond 1 July 2022, the way forward is clear and set. Start the transition to GA4 now and kick start the journey of endless possibilities with advances in tracking and marketing platforms.


Highlights of GA4

GA4 is packed with many new powerful features and capabilities with numerous improvements and whole new mindset-shifting introductions. As performance-based marketing professionals, we are excited about the following highlights.

A whole new way of tracking: Events

Unlike UA’s pageview-based tracking, GA4 uses event-based tracking, which gives more flexibility and accuracy in measuring users’ online and offline behaviours. GA4 also enabled us to track users across platforms such as web and app.

More Machine Learning, More Powerful

With more machine learning models and capabilities, data points from different sources and marketing platforms are stitched together to give a more complete user journey. It means you can get a more performant and better ROI campaign with just data trackings in GA4.

BigQuery for Big Analysis

Through built-in BigQuery integration, you can readily export GA4 data into BigQuery. It means you can store the raw data in near-unlimited storage and retention period. With SQL-based data warehouse service, your data and marketing team can do much more severe advanced analysis to uncover more valuable and actionable insights from the data.



Act now to get ahead

By picking up GA4, your data and marketing team will get the benefits of new features & capabilities. Only by acting now can your team start populating the historical data in the GA4, which will only make the future year-on-year analysis possible after the UA is sunsetted. Afraid not if you are worried about whether you would need to pick either GA4 or UA for now. We can get the benefits of both GA4 and UA with our recommended approach of dual tagging.

From now to 1 July 2023, you will have both GA4 and UA running and collecting data. After the sunset date, UA will stop collecting new data. By then, GA4 should have at least 8-10 months of historical data to maintain or improve the performance in Google Ads and various marketing platforms.


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